• ISR & ICR Concept
    The International Society of Radiology (ISR) is a federation of the world’s national radiological societies with a mission to facilitate the global endeavors of the ISR’s member organizations in order to improve patient care and population health through diagnostic medical imaging and image-guided interventions.

    In keeping with its missions to deliver education and training to radiologists in less developed areas and facilitate the endeavors of the ISR’s member organizations, the ISR has organized a biennial International Congress of Radiology (ICR). Recently the concept has been softened and the bylaws have been changed and now no longer make a biennial congress mandatory but allow holding it only when there is a demand by one of ISR’s member societies.

  • Hosting an International Congress of Radiology - what does it imply?
    • ICRs usually have a 3-day format and are seen as an “extended” conference of a usually national or regional conference. The ISR patronage and label adds value and weight to your national/regional conference.

    • Buy-in of the leadership and membership of the host society is needed. It does only make sense to apply for an ICR if the local scientific community is ready to get engaged in the congress, as although being termed “international”, attendance will largely come from the region.

    • Host society is responsible for
    o contracting the venue
    o conference sponsoring
    o registration of participants and collection of fees
    o social program
    o local onsite organization
    o Host society assumes financial responsibility and risk for the congress
    o Host society pays a flat fee compensation to ISR

    • Scientific and educational program planning is a shared responsibility between the ISR and the host society

    • ISR society is responsible for
    o Supporting host society with promotion and planning
    o Providing high-level faculty, including the members of the ISR Executive Committee
    o Organizing the ISR international assembly as well as its traditional honorary lectures and medal awards at the conference
    o Encouraging international organizations in which ISR has official NGO status (WHO, IAEA) to get engaged in the conference
    o Providing ISR logo/artwork for all conference-related communication

  • Submitting society information


  • Description of Hotel accommodations
    Number of hotels available and envisaged for the congress, plus an estimation of the number of rooms available

  • How many radiologists do you expect will attend?\

  • Please provide the name of the individual to receive society communications.